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Want To Know How You Can Cheat On The HCG Diet and Still Lose Weight?

Need to eliminate cravings & hunger in order to AVOID cheating again?

If you are on an HCG dieter like me, then you are probably resisting the urge to eat something that isn’t on the HCG diet plan. Even though you want to lose as much weight as you possible can on your round of HCG, you are still craving your favorite foods. If you are approaching that point where you can’t resist your cravings anymore, or you already cheated then take a deep breath and relax – you can still lose a lot of weight on the HCG diet and cheat. There are also ways to deal with you cravings so they don’t haunt you or sabotage your dieting efforts.


Have you ever had intense cravings for your favorite foods that cause you to struggle with an overwhelming desire to cheat?

Have you ever felt like enjoying life with friends and family but found yourself feeling stuck because you can’t eat what everybody else is eating?

Are you worried that eating the foods you love will just make you gain weight and sabotage your dieting efforts?

Are you tired of struggling and depriving yourself of life’s pleasurable foods in order to lose weight?

Do you wish there was a way to enjoy foods, celebrate with others, and still get the healthier and leaner body you always wanted?

Me too!

Its Time To End The Agony Of Cravings and Find Success While Cheating On The HCG Diet!

hcg before and aftersHi, my name is Dayna and I can help you control your desire to cheat on the HCG diet so that you can permanently lose weight and get the dream body you always wanted. That’s me in the before and after pictures. I have been using a HCG to lose weight since 2007. And if you are anything like me, then you know the real truth about the HCG diet – you get hungry, you get cravings for things like sugar and fatty food; you worry about failing and gaining weight if you cheat. The pressure to stay on track is intense and when I cheated, I felt like a huge failure.

The guilt after cheating on HCG was so intense that it made me want to quite the diet altogether!

And what’s worse:


The Guilt DIDN’T Stop Me From Cheating Again!

I struggled with this intense desire to have a day to splurge and enjoy the foods I love yet I lived with this agonizing fear that if I did, all my weight loss efforts would go to waste. I had tried everything to lose weight before with no success. HCG was working for me and I didn’t want to be a loser and blow it.

I also worried that I would gain back all the weight I had lost. But the worry didn’t stop me from giving in and cheating.

In fact, I actually did several rounds of HCG and quite the diet several times because I just couldn’t resist my cravings. I quite my first two rounds at about 2 weeks into the diet because I thought I had blew it so badly!

Nobody told me what to expect if I cheated or how to deal with the cravings or hunger.

All I could hear was don’t cheat.

I was miserable, but I discovered a way out…………

After struggling for so long and failing on so many different occasions, I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to avoid cheating. But I knew deep down in my gut that

Cheating Occasionally Couldn’t Really Stop Me From Getting My Dream Body.

I mean think about it logically, I was following a healthy diet most of the time. When I cheated, I didn’t consume enough calories to gain back ALL the weight I had lost up to that point. I felt afraid that I would gain a bunch of weight, but logically it didn’t make any sense. After looking at my situation from the “bigger picture”, I realized that I was doing well on my diet most of the time.

The good I was doing significantly outweighed the bad and with those odds, the scales of success were definitely tipped in my favor, even if I did cheat. And they remained tipped in my favor – even if I cheated more than once.

After realizing this, I decided that it was possible to cheat, enjoy my life like a normal person, and still lose weight. I just had to figure out how.

I also realized that despite all of my efforts to resist my cravings, I still gave into them. They came back again and again and by just trying to not eat them didn’t really work for me. I knew I had to change something or my cravings were going to rule my life because I just couldn’t say “no”. I also noticed that I had this problem on every diet I ever tried, not just the HCG diet.

Simply Trying To Resist Eating My Favorite Foods Didn’t Work.

So I decided to try something different for a change. Rather than struggling and fighting with the foods I loved, I decided to embrace them.

After all, cheating has been determined as a “bad thing” in many diets for centuries, but….

What If HCG Diet Cheating Isn’t Bad?

I started to wonder – what if embracing my cheating habits as a part of my basic nature would help me finally stick to a diet till the end and finally get some real results?

I knew that hating myself for cheating felt bad and the whole point to me dieting was so that I could feel good about myself. This cheating business was creating the opposite of what I was trying to achieve by making me hate myself for eating something that makes me feel happy! It’s insanity! It was at this point that I realized that the only reason I hated myself for eating the foods I loved was because somebody else in society told me that cheating was “bad”. That ended up not being a true statement for me and what if it’s not true for you either? What if cheating isn’t bad?

While it is true that some of the foods I eat when I get cravings and cheat on my diet were not nutritionally good for me, it still didn’t mean that I should never eat them again.

Rather than resisting the foods I loved, I decided to work with them, as a part of who I am.

By doing this,

I Found Ways To Enjoy My HCG Cheats, Control My Cravings, & Still Lose Weight On The HCG Diet Plan

Through trial and error, I learned new things about my body and emotions that allowed me TO CHEAT ON THE HCG DIET AND GET MY DREAM BODY.

Learning how to cheat as well as how to avoid cheating – is the best way to enjoy your HCG dieting experience while you still lose a lot of weight.

Following A Diet Perfectly Without Cheating Is Unrealistic.

The HCG diet is a very strict diet and the rules of the diet basically state that you must PERFECTLY follow the protocol or it won’t work. But this wasn’t true for me! I realized that I am not perfect and that expecting myself to be perfect was driving me insane. Much like the yin & yang, there is an opposite for everything. Cheating is an opposite reality when on any restrictive diet.

Refusing To Deal With Your Cravings Will Not Make Them Go Away

That’s because…….Cheating is a natural opposite of a restrictive diet.

Why would you want to fight something that is a natural reality of dieting? It’s a natural reaction! In my attempt to deal with my cravings, I felt like accepting HCG diet cheating rather than fighting it was going to make me feel happier in the long run and here’s why:

Rejecting Your Desire To Cheat Is Like Telling Yourself That You Must Be Perfect.

Striving for complete perfection is unrealistic and a surefire setup for failure! Nobody is completely perfect!

I found that when I tried to perfectly follow the diet as suggested in the protocol, it only made me feel worse when I cheated. I felt like it was the end of the world, that it was all over for me and my diet was ruined. I would beat myself up mentally and the end result was a lot of bad feelings about the money and time I wasted by failing to stick to the diet.

It seemed like a roller coaster trying to resist cheating, then cheating anyway, then gaining weight, then losing it again – it was enough to make me wanna scream.

At One Point I Quite The HCG Diet Altogether Because I Thought My Cheating Had Ruined Everything.



I ended up cheating more than once, but I discovered that I didn’t gain weight every time. Slowly through trial and error, I learned which foods would cause a weight gain and which ones wouldn’t. If I did go too far with the calories and gained weight, then I found ways to recover from cheating on HCG so fast that I only stalled my weight loss for 1 day!

In addition, I learned ways to stop my cravings dead in their tracks so that I didn’t even have to painfully resist my cravings for my favorite foods.

Through my trial and error, I discovered simple secrets about how to cheat on the HCG diet and still lost weight.

These are trials and errors you will never have to go through!

These trials also taught me that there is a also a “bigger picture” to cheating.

I learned that there is an emotional component or a “happiness” factor involved with cheating.

When I looked deeper into my desire to cheat, I discovered that all my motives to cheat and to lose weight were simply fueled by a desire to enjoy life and be happy. Knowing this, I learned several different ways to create a feeling of happiness so that I could enjoy my life and my dieting experience. When I cheated, I ENJOYED IT, I didn’t feel like a failure. I also began to notice that when I was happy, it was much easier to control my cravings, that is, if they weren’t already eliminated altogether.

Essentially, Cheating equals a sense of joy.

By understanding how to add more joy and happiness to your life; you will finally able to transform your cheating experience to serve you, rather than you serving it.

This new happiness realization combined with the acceptance of cheating as a natural reality of dieting set me free from that dreaded fear of my uncontrollable cravings and fears of HCG diet failure. It can set you free too!

By acknowledging that I have cravings & hunger that make me want to cheat and then adding in the “happiness factor” suddenly gave me the opportunity to enjoy life, eat the foods I love, and get the body I always dreamed of!

Enjoying Your Cheating Helps You Stick To Your Diet Longer.

I learned ways to enjoy my cheating and feel happy after I cheated which helped me stick to the diet longer. I didn’t waste time worrying about weight gain. I learned to plan how and when I wanted to cheat and then enjoy it! When I did this, I could minimize any consequences of cheating (if there were any consequences at all). I recovered faster and therefore enhance my fat loss results. The biggest bonus is that I stopped spending countless hours agonizing over following a perfect diet when my lifestyle just simply wouldn’t allow that at times. Once I learned all these things and started to feel happy, I actually stuck to the protocol till the end and lost a LOT of fat!

I share all of my HCG diet cheating secrets in my new mini EBook called “How To Cheat On The HCG Diet”.

In This Ebook You Will Learn:

  • How happiness gets your cravings to serve you rather than you being a slave to your cravings!
  • To feel good about your cheating, enjoy life, and get the body you always dreamed you could have on HCG!
  • Tips to eliminate your cravings and hunger in order to avoid cheating.
  • How to QUICKLY recover after cheating on the HCG diet.
  • How to cheat on the HCG diet protocol and still lose weight.
  • Ways to cheat without gaining any weight.
  • What happens if you cheat on the HCG diet and how to counteract the consequences (if any).
  • And most of all, How to avoid feeling like a failure!
  • As an added bonus, I will also give you simple ways to find meals when you can’t prepare them ahead of time.

 If you are anything like me, then you are worried that cheating on the HCG diet will ruin your weight loss efforts.


It Won’t!

Here’s why: The only way that you will ruin your diet is if you let your cheating get out of control and you remain a servant to it. We all know that cheating on the HCG diet isn’t the very best route and is highly discouraged. But so many people cheat anyway! People are human, not perfect!

It is traditional for people on all diets to spank themselves for not following a protocol. We have been told what we should and shouldn’t eat for a long time and has it really worked? Take a look around you, how many healthy, lean, and fit people do you know?

You may have noticed that most of America is unhealthy and with all these diet “do’s” and “don’ts” on how to be fit, why do they remain so fat?? It is an old mentality about how to follow a diet that obviously isn’t working! We love our food and experience certain pleasures from it! It is time to embrace that and stop kicking ourselves for it.

The Real Problem Is Not Diet Cheating. The Problem Is When Cravings For Unhealthy Foods Get Out Of Control And Rule Your Life.

The largest reason cravings get out of control is due to a poor emotional state of being.

Through understanding my own desire to cheat on the HCG diet, I discovered that there are new ways of dieting that create happiness and in effect, bring about lasting weight loss results.

People only want to become happy. Food is part of our life experience in which we become happy and therefore, food is good. Depriving ourselves of that which we love and enjoy brings unhappiness. And isn’t that why we are dieting – to become happy?? You must find a balance between cheating and dieting. By expecting yourself to be a perfect dieter is like saying that you must always be in a positive attitude. Is that even possible? Would we even know what happiness was without the pitfalls in life?

Cheating in itself isn’t bad, it’s when cheating controls your life that things get out of balance.

If you learn to be happy now, then cravings no longer control you.

Life is supposed to feel good and therefore, your dieting experience should be fun and good – that includes the natural aspect of cheating.

It is your basic nature to be happy, be healthy, and enjoy your life’s experience. You have a God Given Right to experience happiness and if that comes in the form of an occasional cheat then so be it. That doesn’t make you a failure and it doesn’t make you a bad person. You can and will get healthier and leaner regardless of cheating by embracing all aspects of yourself and your dieting experience.

Cheating isn’t a bad thing.

It’s How You Go about Cheating & the Lack of Control Over Your Cravings That Make Cheating Become a Bad Thing.

You can learn to transform your body and your life if you choose to learn new skills and new ways of living. These skills are at your fingertips!

The most common mistake people make is that they keep doing the same things over and over again and expecting to get different results!

That’s insanity! You must do learn how to do things differently in order to get different results!

Here's The First Thing You Need To Do Today:

  • GIVE yourself the kind of break you need. Do you really need to cheat? Can it be avoided? If you already cheated, do you have a plan for a speedy recovery?
  • PLAN on the type of consequence you are willing to “pay” (if any) for your cheat day and plan for as speedy of a recovery as possible.
  • LOVE the gift of freedom you have given yourself on your cheat day(s) and don’t go into the “I am a failure” mode. Recognize that believing you are a failure doesn’t change anything and it won’t even prevent you from cheating in the future. What if you don’t have to be perect?
  • LEARN NEW SKILLS to manage your cravings and hunger when they strike again. If you keep doing things the same way you have always done them, you will continually get the same results.

You Must Invest In Learning How To Do Things Differently Than You Are Doing Them Now In Order To Get Better Results.

You must learn how to deal with your cravings in order to avoid cheating if possible and then finally

– If you are going to cheat –

You Need To Know How To Cheat On The HCG Diet In Order To Avoid or Minimize The Consequences Of Cheating.

There are truly simple ways you can cheat without gaining a pound!

  • That the original pounds and inches protocol can be altered without gaining a pound.
  • That I could cheat, eat foods not allowed the protocol and still lose weight the next morning.
  • That I could eliminate my cravings dead in its tracks without getting off track!
  • How to cheat and eat brownies, pasta, bread, or anything else you want without stalling for a long period of time!
  • Easy ways to stay on the diet when traveling or caught in a pinch where I couldn’t cook or prep meals.
  • What to do when you’re so hungry and you have already eaten all the food allowed for that day.
  • Several tips and tricks to make your dieting experience easier.
  • Which lotions and makeup products I could use without affecting my fat loss.
  • And most of all, how to cheat and enjoy every bit of my cheating experience!!

The truth is there are LOTS of little ways to cheat on the HCG diet without gaining weight, there are techniques to use happiness to control your cravings, and it’s all covered in How To Cheat On the HCG Diet Mini-eBook.

The other truth is that if you go too far with cheating by eating all the pizza, candy, cookies, pasta, bread, and pastries you possibly can, then the consequence is a slight weight gain.

There Are Ways To Recover After Cheating On The HCG Diet That Speed Up Weight Loss.

How To Cheat On The HCG Diet will show you secrets to recover from cheating on the HCG diet so fast that you will feel like your cheat was fun and well worth it!

You will learn how to eat anything you want and minimize the setbacks so small that you may look at cheating like a sinfully fun indulgence!

Position yourself to have your cake and eat it to! So you want to have that sweet snack but you still want to lose weight. By knowing ahead of time how to cheat properly, this can be achieved with little or no setbacks. And most of all, you can be happy the entire time!

I cheated many times and still got the body of my dreams!

If I can do it, so can you!

So here’s a re-cap of what you will discover in How To Cheat On The HCG Diet eBook;

  • You are going to learn those much needed skills to be happy now and finally discover PEACE between cheating and dieting FOREVER!
  • How happiness gets your cravings to serve you rather than you being a slave to your cravings!
  • How to cheat on the HCG Diet, enjoy life, and get the body you always dreamed you could have!
  • Tips to eliminate your cravings and hunger in order to avoid cheating every single time your cravings strike.
  • How to QUICKLY recover from cheating on the HCG diet.
  • How to cheat on the HCG diet protocol and still lose weight.
  • What happens if you cheat on the HCG diet and how to counteract the consequences (if any).
  • And most of all, How to avoid feeling like a failure! You will finally feel good about yourself and your cravings!
  • As an added bonus, I will also give you simple ways to find meals when you can’t prepare them ahead of time.

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What if you don’t get control of your cravings and fail on the HCG diet?

If you don’t learn how to deal with your desire to cheat, then you will fail on the HCG diet.

Cheating can get out of hand and you are wasting your time and efforts on the HCG diet if you don’t learn how and when to cheat or how to avoid cheating altogether.

You have come this far and you want to lose as much weight as you possibly can while on the HCG diet.

Don’t Blow It!

Learn the HCG diet cheats in How To Cheat On The HCG Diet mini ebook and protect your weight loss efforts. You are not a bad person for wanting to cheat, you are normal. But it can turn ugly if you don’t learn to deal with your cravings and you let cheating kill your dreams of fat loss.

You deserve to make this small investment in yourself to learn how to;

  • Eliminate your cravings and hunger to avoid cheating.
  • Recover QUICKLY from cheating on the HCG diet.
  • Cheat on the HCG diet protocol and still lose weight.
  • Cheat without gaining any weight.
  • Learn what happens if you cheat on the HCG diet and how to counteract the consequences (if any).

how to cheat on the hcg diet


All covered in “How To Cheat On The HCG Diet” mini eBook.


Don’t delay and wait for your cravings to strike again, learn how get control of them NOW!


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